Takstar GL-400 Broadcast Condenser Microphone

  • R 1,899.00

Product Highlights
  • Ø34mm dual large gold-plated diaphragm provides warm, gentle and deep sound reproduction.
  • Three directivity characteristics (Cardioid, Bi &Omnidirectional) for different applications. 
  • Built-in transistor noise reduction circuit, low noise, stable performance, high SPL.
  • Low cut and sensitivity attenuation for reducing ambient noise 
  • Wide frequency response, low distortion, wide dynamic range
  • Low output impedance

The Takstar GL-400 offers a rugged build studio microphone with clear, crisp and deep audio reproduction at broadcast quality. The variable directivity adjustment is an ideal feature for those looking to use this microphone for different recording and live applications. Cardioid, Bidirectional and Omnidirectional options can be switched between for the desired application. The noise reduction and high SPL allows for the GL-400 to capture the full voice and eliminate unwanted environmental sounds. With the addition of a low-cut filter and sensitivity attenuation features, this microphone further allows for dialling in the perfect audio recording or live broadcasting applications.

Transducer Principle: Dual, True Condenser
Diaphragm: Ø34mm Gold-plating
Directivity: Cardioid, Bi, Omni
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: -33/-39/-38dB ±3dB
Equivalent Noise Level: ≤12dB
Max. Input SPL: 130dB
Sensitivity Attenuation: -10dB ±2dB
Bass Filter: 10dB/octave at 80Hz
Output Impedance: 58Ω±20%
Power Requirement: 48V DC Phantom Power
In the Box
1 x Takstar GL-400 Microphone
1 x Shock Mount
1 x Instruction Manual